Padmé Amidala, Lake Retreat Dining Gown with Feathered Cape
Attack of the Clones

Concept artist Iain McCaig looked to the styles of the 1930s for inspiration for this leather-corseted gown which George Lucas himself helped design. Overtly sexy and the most mature look seen on Padmé thus far, the gown is worn when she dines alone with Anakin, and she is finally able to express her strong feelings for him. Her costumes also reflect the era in which she lives. Padmé is a young, idealized, richly ornamented government leader at the time of a high civilization on the edge of total corruption and destruction. By the time the Episode II script was written, Padmé’s costumes had increased from the projected four or five to eighteen. > More from Padmé’s closet.

The most glamorous woman in the galaxy commanded an extensive, lavish wardrobe. Even after design, color, and fabrics for Padmé’s many costumes are chosen, there were many more steps before the outfits are ready for the big screen. Designers and artisans moved through a series of steps to make the costume a reality.